Teaching Artist Perspective - Kailah

City Shine. A project that promotes community.

 Every Thursday evening since August 1st City Shine has planned a photo outing at different parks in the Cincinnati area. Last week we visited Bellevue Park and it was there that we had our biggest turn out! Families, couples and friends came together to enjoy community.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.47.45 PM.png

 Yes we were there to take photos of the beautiful sunset but we were also there to interact, socialize and learn from each other. I had a wonderful time participating in the community that City Shine was able to create. It was a wonderful experience to create with people who share the common interest of photography with me. 

Yes, CityShine is a photomapping project that captures the beauty of Cincinnati from different perspectives but it is also a project that promotes and creates community. Through taking photos at specified meet ups I was able to meet people in my city and have a good time. People who I would have thought of as strangers are now friendly associate.  I’m just happy I was able to apart of such an awesome experience. 

Teaching Artist 

-Kailah Ware 

Miller's Moment

This project means a whole lot to me. It is my first job and my first summer working with Artworks. When I applied to Artworks, I wanted a fun way to earn money over the summer and maybe to learn a little to improve my photography. I got much more than that.

I’ve learned so much, met new people, and I have gotten an even more in depth view of my passion for photography. It’s no longer about money, it’s about making this project the best that it can be.


Outstanding Olivia (spirit fingers!)

This is my second ArtWorks project and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, my first project was great too, but this experience is just so unique. Jacqueline’s views on art and the artist are beautiful and she’s really opened my eyes to all the possibilities. My small work team lets me get to know all of my coworkers instead of just a few, which makes this feel more like a family than a job. I enjoy getting to go outside and interact with equally passionate people. My previous project involved painting in a studio, from which I learned many things; this experience is very refreshing and different. I enjoy how everyone sees the sun, therefore everyone can be involved! We are trying to erase the social barriers between ones who are considered artists, and those who want to be. I really, really hope we succeed.



Makala's Perspective

I just want to say what an amazing experience this has been for me. I never realized how beautiful and important the sun was until I watched it go down. Watching the sunset is literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I feel that we as a people are so lucky to have that. It’s nature’s public art for the world!

I think the sun is one of those things that people take for granted. It's always been there since forever and no one really takes the time to appreciate it. That might sound ridiculous but the sun is the main thing that gives everything on this planet life.. We literally need the sun to survive. Its also the one thing that everyone in the world has the pleasure of seeing.

It’s the one thing that unites us all and I think a lot of people don’t realize that. This whole experience has helped me see that and it is a beautiful thing.




Apprentice Reflection - Paul

As a first-time apprentice photographer working for ArtWorks, I have gained more experience, as well as furthered my own interest, in the trade of photography. Through work on the present project I am doing for this establishment, I have explored fresh new locations in the Cincinnati area, places which I either never knew about before, or had simply never considered visiting for photographic pursuits.




These pictures are ones that were taken facing west from the parking lot of the Rookwood Restaurant, nearing 9 o’clock in the evening. It was a magnificent location. The sunset pictured was notable for it’s remarkable display, as well as the fact that it was the first sunset I and the team, with whom I am collaborating on the project, captured.

I and the team are looking forward to seeing all of you at the next meet-up this Thursday at Alms Park!

-Paul Dieterlen

ArtWorks Apprentice